SaFahri - A Journey to the Elements

2021 -  Nature Docutainment Series

Directors:  Heiko Lange, Jens Pfeifer
Producers:  Amir Hamz, Christian Springer, Fahri Yardim

SaFahri is a five-part personality driven docutainment series hosted by actor Fahri Yardim. Fahri takes a journey to the four elements and so each episode focuses on a different element. With a lot of enthusiasm, a great deal of humor and lots of curiosity, he meets several nature experts who take him into their world. From survival trainers to marine biologists. They help Fahri to leave his comfort zone and to enter new territory according to the motto: Fish out of water! In episode 5, the highlights of Fahri's journey are summarized in a Best Of.

Fahri sucht das Glück