Fahri's pursuit of happiness

2020 -  Entertainment, Comedy

Director:  Heiko Lange & Kosei Takasaki
Producers:  Amir Hamz, Christian Springer, Fahri Yardim
Co-Producers:  Hannes Hiller, Daisy Rosemeyer-Elbers (ProSieben)

At this very moment almost 8 billion people populate planet earth. And every single one of them pursues their personal happiness. That's why actor Fahri Yardim is going on a unique journey and searches for happiness all around the globe in a four-part docutainment series. He travels from India to Rio de Janeiro, from Switzerland to Tokyo in order to figure out what makes people happy. Being close to somebody even if you had to pay for it? Chasing beauty ideals? Knowing your own future? Overcoming your biggest fears just to get a kick out of it? Fahri Yardim comments on every stop in his usual manor and thus takes his viewers on a very personal journey.

Fahri sucht das Glück