About us

We have fallen in love with American beauties, fistfought in our basements, joined presidents in building houses of cards. We have been heroin addicts, have crashed head-on into walls and drove in a taxi through Teheran. There's an endless number of great stories, waiting to be told. We are always on the look out. We want to be a part of moving German films and series forward, in a bold and confident way, nationally and internationally. We want to discover new angles and push ourselves to great efforts in order to do so. We believe to reach new shores we have to be brave enough to surpass firmly believed trenches.

We're sourcing from international backgrounds and experiences within our team, which are immensely influential on our cinematographic journey. Our goal is to be worthy new members of this landscape of amazing film makers. You can expect that we will boldly interpret what art can do, while staying relevant and most of all worth watching.